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mySiss specializes in integration of IT solutions and consulting services in the healthcare industry.

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We support our clients throughout the entire digital transformation journey - from the strategy to the implementation


We support our clients from the identification of optimization opportunities, through the definition of optimal solutions, to the implementation and stabilization.
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We offer best in class solutions. From Oracle Health i.s.h.med to our closed loop medication cycle, among other solutions that ensure an optimal operation.
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Our public and private cloud infrastructure portfolio provides our clients a high availability of their services and a cost-efficient operation.
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mySiss helps organizations deliver an optimal healthcare experience through integrated processes and analytic capabilities.

Patient Experience

Personalized medical care, with comprehensive access to patient information, billing, and medical records.

Clinical Care

Real-time access to patient clinical information at the point of care.

Medical Collaboration

Exchange of information between patients, providers, and health support networks.

Health Research & Analytics

Advanced analytical applications to drive insights and improve research and patient care processes.


Localization of laws and protocols according to the specific requirements in LATAM regulation and patient needs.

Transforming the healthcare industry through technology integration
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