Electronic Medical Record

Mastering integration of i.s.h.med with your ERP and evolving synergies with Oracle


Our system integrates and simplifies care processes, centralizes scheduling and patient information, increases hourly intake capacity, and allows for electronic document management and automated insurance coverage validation as per agreements.

Electronic health record

Our system provides real-time visibility and traceability of information, assisting hospital staff in decision-making processes. It enables the utilization of a unified medical record, offering the capability to record specialties. Additionally, it streamlines the automatic and transparent collection of results from diagnostic and laboratory equipment, further enhancing efficiency and accuracy in healthcare delivery.

Healthcare management

Our system facilitates the clinical experience for both hospital staff and patients by maintaining a constant flow of up-to-date information. It offers users access to a range of features, ensuring the accessibility of information at any given time, adhering to best practices. With access to critical information on risk factors, diagnosis, and the priority of patient care, integrated into specific care protocols of each institution, it enhances decision-making processes.

Healthcare management

Our system seamlessly integrates information across clinical, logistical, financial, and administrative processes in real time, ensuring comprehensive oversight and the optimization of resources. Additionally, it consolidates maintenance, inventory, purchasing, and logistic processes, leading to a reduction in operating costs. Through automation, it generates invoices based on medical records and material consumption, streamlining billing processes.

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